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    Top 5 Oral Supplements For Women To Restore And Revitalize Thinning Hair

     From Most Natural to Most Effective, These 5 Oral Supplements Can Help Strengthen and Reinvigorate Your Thinning Hair

    Beast Mode in a Bottle

    By Kimberly Webber

    We Discovered the Best Oral Hair Supplements for YOU and Ranked Our Top 5 Favorites.

     (COSMO) - Are you tired of seeing clumps of hair at the bottom of the shower drain or in your brush after combing? It’s heartbreaking. And it’s not easy to find a solution that works without breaking the bank.

    Thankfully, more brands are releasing better, more efficient alternatives. Instead of switching shampoos or adding a new serum to your routine, you can take 1 of these oral supplements to stop your brittle hair from shedding.

    But with so many options in the market, it can get overwhelming to decide which one to choose. That’s where we come in.

    Whether you're new to hair supplements or had a previous disappointing experience now in search of the next best thing, our carefully curated list has something for everyone.

    We asked our reviewers plus several top hair stylists to find the top hair growth supplements that don’t require expensive dermatologist visits or complicated routines.

    Let’s get started…


    Effectiveness: 95%

    Safety: 100%

    Price: $

    Overall: A+

    This is by far our favorite choice when it comes to growing back a fuller, healthier head of hair in the simplest way possible. Liaison’s Hair Boost Melts combines the best natural vitamins and science to fortify your hair from root to tip, increasing density and enriching your scalp with essential nutrients. 

    What we love the most about Liaison is how easy it is to take and how fast the formula gets absorbed into our system. The strips dissolve right on your tongue, with a yummy burst of watermelon flavor, so it doesn’t feel like you’re taking medicine. Unlike ordinary pills or gummies, it never reaches your gut to cause unwanted side effects like an upset tummy, elevated blood pressure, and more. 

    The active ingredients are released directly into your bloodstream for instant action, making it a safer, fast-acting solution to boost our hair health. Best of all, it was the only product on our list offering a secret 50% discount link, making it one of the most affordable and valuable options in the market.

    By far, Liaison Hair Boost Melts is the safest and most effective for supporting hair growth and health with daily protection against thinning.


    Effectiveness: 85%

    Safety: 80%

    Price: $$$

    Overall: A

    We love that this haircare gummy is plant-based with a sugar-free blueberry flavor. The key ingredients are different types of mushrooms that they claim can help retain hair-boosting nutrients that stimulate and strengthen hair follicles. While it wasn’t as unique of an experience taking Liaison’s melts, most of us thoroughly enjoyed having these gummies, although the flavor wasn’t as pleasing for everyone, probably because of the sugar-free formulation. That said, in terms of results, we struggled to notice any drastic difference. Perhaps it takes longer. But, if you’re looking specifically for gummies, this could be an option.


    Effectiveness: 75%

    Safety: 80%

    Price: $$$

    Overall: B

    Now this one from JSHEALTH caught our eyes since it’s a vegetarian formula that’s gluten and GMO-free. Key ingredients include iodine, which maintains and supports hair health and growth, and zinc, which helps with nail and skin health. Some of us found this to be really nice. However, a few others experienced some nausea and headache as a side effect. If you’re a vegetarian looking for a hair supplement, this could be a good choice to consider.


    Effectiveness: 90%

    Safety: 80%

    Price: $$

    Overall: B+

    For a complete hair growth supplement, this one from Purely Optimal is another suitable choice. It’s packed with tons of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs for healthy hair and formulated with keratin and collagen to support healthy, shiny growth. While most of us consider this a promising supplement, a few of us did experience some tummy aches, which can be quite normal with vitamins you have to ingest. This is why Liaison is top of our list since it doesn’t require digestion.


    Effectiveness: 75%

    Safety: 85%

    Price: $$

    Overall: B

    This hair growth supplement from ZoeRose also has biotin, collagen, and keratin, giving you a blend of hair, nail, and skin-loving vitamins. We did see improvements in terms of our skin and nails, but hair growth fell short. And the fact that we need to take 2 capsules a day is just a little too much already. Again, we’d rather get all the hair growth benefits in a tasty, melts-in-your-mouth treat like Liaison’s than feel like we need to keep popping pills. Still, this a good option if you don’t mind taking 2 pills and are looking for improvements on your hair, skin, and nails overall.

     Why We Chose Liaison Hair Boost Melts

    While all the hair supplements on our list offer impressive results, Liaison’s Hair Boost Melts stood out as our top choice. We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter  Stephanie Marianne who helped create the rankings list and how Liaison’s Hair Bond Shampoo worked for her. 

    Stephanie tells the story.

    Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of any type of supplement. Though I’ve been struggling with thinning hair for a while, I’d just switch shampoos and conditioners and hope for the best.

    When I was put on assignment to find some amazing hair growth supplements, I was curious and excited to test them out. Sadly, not a lot made the cut. And I almost gave up. 

    But then I noticed my best friend, who I trust with my life, started seeing almost zero hair fall within 3 weeks! We both suffered from thinning and shedding, so I asked her what was up.

    She raved about Liaison’s Hair Boost Melts and said it was the only thing that actually showed results within weeks. Initially, I brushed off her excitement, thinking it was just another overhyped product.

    But when she showed me a photo from almost 2 months ago, I was blown away. Her thinning crown and brittle hair are much fuller and healthier now. Plus, no more strands were falling off whenever she’d comb.

    I begged her to let me try one, but instead, she gave me a secret 50% discount link. So I ordered my own immediately.

    How Does Liaison Hair Boost Melts Work?

    Most hair supplements come in the form of pills or gummies. But Liaison created quick-dissolving strips that instantly melt in your mouth. No need for water, plus you can take it anytime after meals, whether at work or on the go.

    Impressed and obviously curious, I started to do my research to find out how Liaison’s Hair Boost Melts works and how it sets itself apart from other supplements in the market.

    A proprietary blend of clinically-proven ingredients with the Follicle Boost Complex™ ensures quick absorption of nutrients without having to be digested. Each ingredient, through this advanced delivery technology, effectively tackles hair fall, strengthening hair fibers and creating healthier, more vibrant hair growth in weeks.

     The Hair Boost Melts Work In 3 Rapid Phases

    Phase 1 - Scalp Repair

    Keranat™ and Biotin dissolve rapidly, delivering restorative nutrients to your follicles and balancing your scalp.

    Phase 2 - Scalp Nutrition

    Vitamin D3 and Iron work together to strengthen the hair roots. This phase focuses on reducing hair fall and thickening your hair, making it less prone to breakage and thinning.

    Phase 3 - Skin Balance

    Vitamin E and Folic Acid play critical roles in enhancing scalp health and hair vitality. They help protect and nourish your scalp, promoting the growth of healthier, fuller, and more resilient hair.

    This process and the right combination of ingredients delivered through safe, quick-dissolving strips, kickstarts our hair’s transformation with a precise dose of therapeutics. 

    Some of those essential ingredients include:


    A groundbreaking, natural ingredient derived from millet seeds, Keranat™ is clinically proven to decrease hair loss and significantly improve hair health by enhancing follicle strength and vitality.


    Essential for hair growth and strengthening, Biotin supports the production of keratin, a fundamental protein that makes up hair, improving hair structure and reducing breakage.

    Vitamin E

    A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E supports a healthy scalp by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer, fostering ideal conditions for strong hair growth.

    Did It Finally Work?

    After just a few weeks, I checked my hair up close… and wow! My sparse areas started to grow baby hairs and my hair felt fuller and stronger than ever. I was simply amazed at how great my hair looked and felt.

    I’ve been converted into a Hair Boost Melts believer, and hope you will, too.

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      Emma Rodriguez

      My hair is noticeably thicker and stronger after just a few weeks!

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      I finally have the healthy, vibrant hair I've always wanted.

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      Chloe Wilson

      This supplement has changed my life! My hair looks amazing.

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      Sophia Patel

      I love how easy and quick the dissolve formula is to use.

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      Ava Thompson

      Worth every penny! I highly recommend it to everyone.

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      I'm hooked for life—ordering two more packs right now!

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      I feel so much more confident with my thicker, healthier hair!

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      The ultimate essential for strong, shiny hair.

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      Ella Lee

      Perfect for anyone new to hair supplements wanting fuller hair.

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      Grace Brown

      The quick absorption and noticeable results are fantastic!