Top 10 Eyelash Serums

    We review the Top 10 Eyelash Growth Serums So You Choose the Right One!

    Top 10 Eyelash Serums

    Today there are lots of ways of enhancing your eyelashes, from buying a great mascara to using a set of false eyelashes or perhaps even having eyelash extensions. However, all of those methods aren’t the “real deal” which is why eyelash serums are becoming increasingly popular and a big part of the cosmetic and beauty market. In fact, no self-respecting make-up bag should be without eyelash serum but like any product there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. We are a team of beauty reviewers, beauty bloggers and cosmetologists and we decided to get together to review the products available on the market today. The project was no mean feat, it involved 12 months of vigorous testing, all of us selected a variety of different serums to see which worked and which didn’t.

    Before we launch into the eyelash serums we love (and those we’re not so keen on), you need to know more about eyelash serum, what it is and why you want it in your life…

    Results from Winner UKlash after 8 weeks

    Top 10 Eyelash Serums Reviewed


    The most affordable eyelash serum on this list and one of the newest products to hit the eyelash serum market, it appears that UKLash has really got it spot on with their attractive looking packaging and beautiful bottle. This eyelash serum is remarkably easy to apply and every single one of our panel of reviewers found that this product worked and worked fast. Ingredients are hypoallergenic, kind to the skin and extremely gentle so there was no sign of irritation whatsoever and the brush glides on really smoothly, distributing the serum carefully and liberally. Results started to appear within 14 days with maximum results after 6 weeks of use and continued use maintains the results.

    Most of our reviewing panel experienced up to 50% increase in length and thickness, four reviewers stopped wearing mascara altogether (we call that an enormous success). We’d have to mark this as our absolute favourite and it comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Additionally, UKLash is perfectly suitable for use on eyebrows too, making this serum entirely versatile.

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      The most affordable on this list

      Good looking, unique packaging and bottle – something you’d love in your make-up bag

      Fast results, within just two-three weeks

      Cruelty free and suitable for vegans

      Great ingredients including nourishing vitamins and peptidesVery easy to use, application once a day

      Hypoallergenic ingredients, no eye irritation

      Every reviewer experienced excellent growth and volume (up to double length)

      Suitable for use on eyebrows tooCan use this serum with eyelash extensions

      Money back manufacturer’s guarantee


      Would have loved a bigger bottle but as the product is inexpensive, this isn’t a major!

      Can only buy this product online and not instore


    Revitalash has been around for a couple of years and is well-known in the eyelash serum world, however, this is a pricey product and other eyelash serums at a lower price do just as good a job.  The product is packaged simply and it does work, to a degree but at a hell of a price and you don’t need to pay a ridiculous amount for a quality serum.     

    Containing peptides (and biotin, hair’s natural protein) to speed up growth, our reviewers noticed better growth, slightly longer length, thicker eyelashes and a little more sheen to lashes within just a couple of weeks, however, like all serums you do need to keep using it to maintain the results and at £90 a bottle, it’s an expensive upkeep when there’s other serums that will do an even better job at far less.


      Conditions lashes by moisturising at the root

      Has previously won awards for its effectsDefinitely lengthens and thickens eyelashes fast


      Ridiculously expensive especially as bottle is only 3ml in size

      Some users have experienced allergies (including one of our reviewers who came out in an allergic rash due to some of its ingredients and had to stop using it immediately)

      Unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women due to chlorphenesin, a dangerous ingredient that causes hives, breathing problems and other problematic ailments


    This eyelash serum is another expensive product but it was developed by scientists however, despite this there’s no evidence of any proper clinical testing, despite the website stating that it has been clinically tested!  Nevertheless, there is a 30 day money back guarantee which does give consumers some peace of mind.  You want to know if it works? Yes, it works, it conditions, moisturises, lengthens and thickens but for the price, you’d expect one bottle to last for a lot longer than it does.  

    This serum gave lashes a boost but not enough to justify the cost.  For those of you that are prone to irritation, this one contains sodium benzoate, phthalates, and parabens which are known irritants and can cause redness and itchiness.  If you look online, you’ll find that some reviewers on other websites reported the serum affecting the colour of their iris, turning it brown, that’s a huge problem!  Luckily, that didn’t happen to us.


      Can use this serum with false eyelashes

      Developed by scientists

      Evidence of some growth and thicknessMoney back guarantee


      Ridiculously expensive for a small bottle (3ml)

      Contains sodium benzoate, phthalates and parabens, all known skin irritants

      No evidence of results of clinical testing

      Doesn’t grow lashes really long or very thick

      Reviewers on other websites reported a change in iris colour


    Wow look at that price tag!  For that amount, anybody would expect the longest possible eyelashes and thickness beyond anything imagined.  Let’s burst your bubble.  This one is simply not as good as other serums on this list at a cheaper price (for example, UKLash).  Yes, lashes grow and they thicken but no more than products more than half the price.  Why pay more for the same results?  Our reviewers noticed an increase in length and fullness in just two weeks, with maximum results achieved after around 6 weeks. The bottle is nicely designed and the ingredients are a blend of well-formulated essential vitamins that do contain great nutrients.    

    Easy to apply, just like a liquid eyeliner, the serum contains glycosaminoglycans known for locking in moisture so your lashes do feel soft and healthy.  Lancer also contains biotin and panthenol, both proteins that strengthen lashes.  The results were noticeable but they come at a huge price.

    However, visit their website and there’s no scientific claims that the lash serum grows lashes.  We also worry about the ingredients, some are known irritants such as triple peptide complex which can cause swelling, redness, burning and itching.    We also feel that for this price you’d expect a money back guarantee – there isn’t one which would normally put us right off.  Overall, Lancer does work but beware if you don’t want to keep laying out £90 per bottle for maintenance and if you know you have sensitive skin.  We’d suggest you use a different, cheaper serum with more natural ingredients and one that works properly (UKLash, for example).


      Contains a potent blend of vitamins and nutrients for well-conditioned lashes

      Contains biotin, hair’s natural protein

      Glides on beautifully


      No scientifc evidence that it works (although reviews show it does)

      Extremely pricey at £130 per bottle, the most expensive on this list!

      Known irritant ingredientsNo money back guarantee

      Definitely no good for sensitive skin


    Still on the pricey side (but not as much as some of the serums we tested) is Neulash by Skin Research Laboratories.  This lash enhancing serum is nicely packaged and contains natural ingredients as approved by cosmetologists.  The serum is formulated with amino acids and fatty acids, known to promote better eyelash growth along with hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans and sodium hyaluronate, good for moisturising.  We found this lash serum does grow lashes, but minimally and the promise of stronger lashes just wasn’t met.  Lashes weren’t as thick as we thought they should be after six weeks. While slightly longer, like you, we were also looking for more length and certainly fullness. So it’s a no-no from us.

    We also didn’t love the price, yes Neulash is cheaper than others mentioned here but at only 6ml per bottle, it’s quite a lot of money to lay out, especially for maintenance.  We also dislike prostaglandin, an ingredient included in Neulash that is known to irritate those with sensitive skins.  Bearing in mind that three of our panel have sensitive skin, this ingredient caused redness and itchiness, one reviewer had to stop using the serum entirely due to a burning sensation.  For that alone, we’d say avoid this serum.  Check out the Amazon reviews too, they aren’t entirely positive, and lots of people didn’t experience much change to their eyelashes, definitely not worth it if you’re laying out that kind of money!


      Smart bottle

      Lots of natural ingredients



      Known irritant ingredients, caused rashes and burning sensation on reviewers

      Didn’t grow lashes very long at all

      Didn’t encourage any fullness

      General Amazon reviews poor

      You need to discard the bottle after six months


    This mid-price eyelash serum has been around for a long while now and is a firm favourite with lots of ladies looking for longer, fuller lashes.  You only get a small bottle which doesn’t last more than a couple of months so be prepared to keep spending if you want results that last.  The product is made by Cosmetic Alchemy, a reasonably well-known quality cosmetics company.  This serum can be used on eyelashes and eyebrows so it does give you versatility and it contains almost all-natural ingredients such as lupus albus seed extract, prunus amygdalus, silicc and panthenol.  

    You would think that it’s good for those with sensitive skin but there have been reports of irritation such as burning, itching and redness, luckily, our panel didn’t experience any of these except slight itchiness which disappeared after a few days’ use.  Does it work? Yes, to a degree.  Reviewers did get longer and fuller lashes but not by a huge amount.  So if you want a slight enhancement, this is a good product for you but if you want dramatic lashes with fullness and length, you might want to choose another serum on this list.


      Good mix of natural ingredients

      Moisturising as well as lengthening and thickening

      Reasonable price point (but not cheap)

      Versatile, can use on eyelashes and eyebrows


      Still potential to irritate users

      Does not grow lashes very long or very thick, marginal improvement

      Some will still find this expensive


    Packaged in a sleek, smart black bottle, M2 certainly looks the business and for the price you’re paying you’d expect really amazing results.  However, you’re going to be disappointed because this lash serum was the worst-performer on this list.  It simply didn’t work.  However long we tried with this serum, we got little if no results at all.  Eyelashes remained the same, with one reviewer noticing slight thickening but not enough to justify £128 per bottle. The manfuacturer promises up to 50% growth – not on any of our lashes! 

    Described as revolutionary – with a complex blend of active ingredients, the serum even promises to activate inactive hair roots – again, not on our lashes.  The product contains biotin so you’d expect some improvement and hyalruonic acid plus “Prodew” a blend of their own supposedly proven nutrients to condition and soften lashes.  However, the product is non-irritating and dermatologically tested and we experienced no itching, redness or burning.  It’s also not tested on animals and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee, so at least we got our money back!


      Money back guarantee


      Smart looking bottle

      Thickened lashes, slightly

      Lengthened lashes, slightly

      Not tested on animals


      Didn’t deliver the dramatic results we wanted

      Very expensive for poor results

      Worst performer out of all reviewed eyelash serums


    Elizabeth Arden is a known brand with worldwide recognition and is trusted by women across the globe.  Their lash and brow serum is versatile as it works on both eyelashes and in enhancing eyebrows so we were excited to try it.  Clinically tested, we expected miracles especially at £90 a bottle.  The serum promises a triple peptide complex with vitamins, botannicals and lash conditioner so lashes look healthier, thicker and revitalised.  The wording they use is “support” so there’s no actual guarantee of growth and thickness which is why this didn’t work for us.  

    Without doubt, our lashes looked healthier, felt softer and had a great natural sheen after trying this for a couple of weeks but as for extra growth and fullness?  None.  The Elizabeth Arden website states 100% success based on 30 women but if you read it carefully, you’ll note that the success rate rather refers to healthy lashes and softer, silkier lashes than extra length and thickness.  Frankly, for silkier, softer lashes, a natural oil like olive oil would deliver the same results!


      Will not irritate (certainly didn’t irritate us)

      Definitely conditions and softens lashes

      Natural ingredients (not all-natural but lots of natural ingredients)

      Can use on eyebrows and eyelashes so versatile

      Clincially tested


      Small bottle for the price

      Doesn’t lengthen lashes

      Doesn’t thicken lashes


    This is a good example of an eyelash serum that is cheaper but with lots of nasty side effects such as eye irritation and skin darkening around the eyelashes.  Three of our reviewers experienced a brownish line appearing along the edges of their eyelashes after just two weeks’ use.  In extreme cases (though thankfully not on us) some users on other review sites reported eye discolouration.  Does it work?  Yes, it thickens and lengthens but we wouldn’t want to risk continued use because of the known side-effects. 

    We like the bottle, it’s inoffensive and well packaged and the wording promises longer, thicker, moisturised lashes and brows (so it’s versatile as it does two jobs at once).  Ingredients include their own Hexatein 1 Complex, a mix of natural ingredients to boost growth, stop breakage and condition lashes fast (results in just 2 weeks, maximum results after 4 weeks of regular use).  However, the original blend changed and the current product contains Phenoxyethanol which is an ingredient that is a known irritant and that’s why we experienced problems. Some of us noticed that when on the third bottle of Rapidlash, lashes started to break off, leaving a blend of short and long lashes (not a good look).  Those of us that experienced lash breakage stopped using immediately.  On digging deeper, we found that lots of people had this problem and it’s down to lashes drying out so being far more prone to breakage.


      Cheaper than most on this list

      Does lengthen and thicken in around 2 weeks

      Continues to lengthen and thicken with maximum results after one month


      Definite eye irritation noticed

      Darkening of skin area around the eyes on some of our reviewers

      While lashes lengthened and thickened, some of our reviewers experienced breakage after month 9


    This mid-price eyelash treatment is suitable for use on eyebrows and lashes so it’s versatile which is a definite plus point.  The serum contains a blend of peptides that supposedly boost, nourish and encourage maximum growth and thickness, with Tri-Phase Lash Complex ™ (with Actilide, Vitamins A, C, E and B5) that works at all stages of lash growth.  It promises better looking lashes that are fuller, thicker and longer and opthalmologist-tested, it states that it’s irritation free.  Easy to apply, use once a day preferably at night.  Does it work?  To a degree.  It definitely didn’t cause any irritation (although some users online reported that this product did irritate and the product also darkened their eyelids) and did grow lashes by a little but not dramatically.  It was also slow to work, with some results seen after four weeks and maximum results after 8 weeks of use. We definitely saw an improvement in quality of lashes so they were stronger and softer and we noticed less eyelash shedding.

    We certainly didn’t mind using it but there are other eyelash serums reviewed here for less money that delivered better results overall and if you check online reviews, you will see there is lots of inconsistency with some users reporting good results and others reporting no difference. 


      Less shedding of eyelashes

      Great for conditioning and moisturising lashes

      Softer, stronger lashes

      Easy to apply

      Versatile, you can use on eyebrows too


      Another pricey product with average results

      Slow to work – can take up to six weeks to see any change whatsoever

      Some users (not us) reported itchiness and dryness following use

      Not great for lengthening or thickening


    Eyelash serum is relatively new to the market and has been available for only a few years.  Before eyelash serum, it was impossible to grow long, full, thick and silky eyelashes, you were either born blessed with them or not.  So, as previously discussed, most women used mascara to lengthen and thicken lashes (and many still do) but as us women know, using mascara often results in lots of ugly clumps, bits of mascara flying into the eye and never delivers a completely “natural” look. 

    False Eyelashes

    The alternative to mascara used to only be fiddly false eyelashes on strips or fixed as singles.  False eyelashes just don’t  look natural either and the fiddliness means lots of glue going everywhere but along the lash line,  false lashes falling off in the middle of the day or just not getting a neat, precise finish. 

    Eyelash Extensions

    Extensions were next to appear on the market and millions of women worldwide rushed out to get a set of falsies that lasted longer than 12 hour strips of false eyelashes.  There are lots of negatives when it comes to eyelash extensions, they can be damaging, need lots of care and upkeep and they definitely don’t look as natural as real eyelashes. 

    Eyelash Serum

    The next big thing to hit the market place was eyelash serum, but does it work?  Our team say yes, there are some serums that work, some that don’t and some that are absolutely fantastic – developing the best looking long, thick and full lashes in a matter of weeks. 

    What is Eyelash Serum?

    Eyelash serum was developed to promote better eyelash growth naturally.  The serums are made using fatty acids and conditioning peptides with a variety of nutrients and vitamins to boost eyelash growth.  They are generally easy to use, simply sweep the gel along the edge of your eyelashes (close to the eyelid) using the brush supplied, go to sleep and let the serum do its work.  Most require once-a-day application that encourages eyelashes to max-out.  Don’t expect any serums to work overnight though. Like everything, the serum needs to build up but after a couple of weeks, with the right serum, you should start to see your eyelashes growing and thickening all at the same time.

    Here’s how your eyelashes grow naturally:Each upper eye lid has approximately 180 lashes with a further 85 lashes on the lower lid (average number).Every hair on the body (regardless of type of hair) experiences three growth phases, angen (the growth phase), catagen (the resting phase) and telogen (the shedding phase).Full eyelash growth takes up to 15 weeks.Healthy lashes grow for up to 200 days before shedding but unhealthy lashes shed far quicker, around 90 days.That’s down to the aging process, genetics, lack of nutrients, medication, chemical treatments and prolonged heat exposure, all of which affect the growth phase of lashes. When lashes are damaged, they don’t grow as long as they can and they shed before they should.That’s when lashes look short or sparse.

    So, what can you do to encourage better eyelash growth?  Apart from taking care with your diet and making sure you ingest the right nutrients, you can use an eyelash serum, designed to provide lashes with the right nutrients and moisturise from the follicle.  The serum connects with your eyelash follicles and feeds them so they grow longer, thicker and shinier than ever before and that’s because they have the right active nutrients to work hard with your natural growth system.

    Don’t Rush Out Yet…

    Before you rush out and buy the first eyelash serum that you see, be careful not to get taken in by the jargon you read.  The name, price tag and description doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  You need to look past the cost, the package and the important-sounding wording. You need to think carefully about the ingredients too, some are known irritants and frankly, you’d rather have short eyelashes than itchy, red eyes. Look for bioactive phytomelcules and natural rich botanicals (good for eyebrows too).  Avoid anything with parabens, anything with sulphate and any synthetic unfriendly ingredients especially if you have sensitive skin.  You should also look for a money back guarantee, this gives you peace of mind that the manufacturer is confident in results and prepared to refund you if you don’t experience the positive benefits.  Pricing is key, you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount on a serum, it’s about ingredients, not cost.  It’s also useful to choose something that deals with eyebrows too, why not enhance them at the same time?  HD brows are really fashionable so having a durable product gives you double usage!

    Now you’ve read up on eyelash serum, you’ll want to know what we recommend, here’s what our beauty panel reviewed, what we think about each, and more importanty, the results.