Instant Eye Creams That Remove Eye Bags, Wrinkles, and More in the Blink of an Eye!

    If you’re like me, you’re applying anti-wrinkle, extra-moisturizing creams every morning, noon, and night to try to make your puffy eyes and crow’s feet disappear. And while some may work, results takes weeks, if not months! And unfortunately, you want to see results RIGHT NOW!

    That’s where Instant Eye Repair products come to play. They are short term solutions to a long-term problem. Because we live in the NOW… so while you’re using strong moisturizers and a retinol balm (which is, by the way, a miracle product!) you should also use an instant eye repair product that removes puffy eyes, crow’s feet in less than 10 MINUTES.

    Instant eye repair products work by using specially designed ingredients that, when exposed to air, expand and pull skin taut, creating the image of smoother looking skin. They last as long as any type of makeup you may put on. But, just like makeup, they help create that perfect look you aim to present everyday. And let us tell you, these products ARE AMAZING! They do wonders. 

    So how do you know which instant eye creams will actually work for you?

    Glad you asked, because we gathered a team of reviewers and dermatologists to rank the five best instant eye repair products based on effectiveness, safety, and cost. – Let’s get started!

    Effectiveness: 95%

    Safety: 100%

    Price: $

    Overall: A+

    This product is by far the best instant eye repair product on the market. The Glow Fairy’s Instant Eye Repair Serum delivers everything you want in a fast-acting eye de-puffer and anti-wrinkle product. It uses the VERY effective sodium silicate which is often referred to as “liquid glass”. It’s able to stretch and smooth your skin without any noticeable application. Of course, that’s the hope with all of these products. We discovered The Glow Fairy after they offered us a secret 50% off discount SECRET50, and were blown away with their Instant Eye Repair Serum. After application it only took FIVE MINUTES for the Instant Eye Repair Serum to completely smooth out the under-eye and crow’s feet of our reviewers. HOWEVER, where Glow Fairy separates itself, and WHY we chose it as our number 1, is that it’s also filled with super effective ingredients to help diminish wrinkles and puffy eyes over time. Dipeptide-2 and Butylene Glycol are secret weapons to adding amazing hydration to your skin and diminishing the sight of both wrinkles and puffy eyes. That’s a HUGE benefit as it’s the ONLY instant eye repair cream that actually promises the more you use it the less you need it. 

    We gave The Glow Fairy the highest rating out of any of the products and STRONGLY recommend trying it.

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    Effectiveness: 80%

    Safety: 100%

    Price: $$$$

    Overall Value: B+

    We came across Seamantika after a few of our reviewers had heard about it through friends of friends. And although its been given great reviews, we aren’t as sure about the results. Some may be intrigued by the ALL NATURAL claims, using ingredients like green tea and ginseng extract. While we saw some good results, it ultimately didn’t keep the way Glow Fairy or other products might have. A typical instant eye repair product should last your whole day (if not about 10 hours). Seamantika started great, but never fully stayed. Our opinion, if you’re looking for an all-natural solution, this might be it for you. But if you’re looking for real, long-lasting results, you may want to look elsewhere. 

    Effectiveness: 80%

    Safety: 85%

    Price: $$

    Overall Value: B+

    Luminous has made a great, powerful product that helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles while helping keep your skin hydrated. However, they missed out on the instant part for us. While we did see some quick results, it certainly helped our skin FEEL good. We wished to see those strong fast-acting results that products like The Glow Fairy can deliver. Luminous may be better recommended for someone who feels they have time to wait and watch their wrinkles disappear. It’s clearly made for the more patient. 

    Effectiveness: 90%

    Safety: 89%

    Price: $$$

    Overall Value: B+

    Strivectin is a highly-recommended company with some amazing skin products. Both our reviewers and dermatologists recommended this product after truly appreciating their brand and the products they offer. When it came to their Instant Eye Fix, we were definitely pleased with the effects. They used minerals from smectite clays, clear quartz crystal, and french pink clay, which, much like The Glow Fairy, stretch the skin taut to reduce the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, and textured skin. While effective, our only drawback was how it made the skin feel. Unlike Glow Fairy, when you have Strivectin’s product on your face you can really FEEL it. It can be distracting if not just a little uncomfortable. If that’s something that doesn’t bother you, this product may be for you. If you’re like us, and go insane if you have a hair on your face or something in your teeth…. You may fare better with The Glow Fairy.

    Effectiveness: 90%

    Safety: 70%

    Price: $$$$$

    Overall Value: B+

    Plexaderm is super fast-acting eye repair serum that can easily help reduce wrinkles and under-eye bags. It’s one of the most highly recommended products on Amazon and from our reviewers. We would have put it higher on the list but it misses on the lasting effectiveness. Unlike The Glow Fairy, which will actually help you reduce wrinkles and fine lines over time (encouraging you to use the product less), Plexadem only focuses on instant repair. If you can have the two-in-one effectiveness (and for a cheaper price) wouldn’t you choose that? 

    While we believe we recommended some great products to instantly reduce the sight of puffy eyes and wrinkles, we believe Glow Fairy’s Instant Eye Repair Serum is the absolute best. We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne who helped create the rankings list and how she discovered the greatness that is The Glow Fairy. 

    Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of “instant”-anything. Everything takes a lot more time than you think. And for eye creams to promise smooth skin and instantly getting rid of wrinkles, it just seemed impossible. So I avoided products like these at all costs.

    But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by The Glow Fairy Instant Eye Repair Serum. She said it worked within 10 minutes. I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then she brought me into her bathroom and applied the serum to her eyes and I watched. I swear to you, my jaw was on the floor, I was screaming. It took TEN YEARS off of her face. I couldn’t believe it. I begged her to let me borrow the serum, but instead she told me to buy my own with a secret 50% off discount SECRET50. So I ordered two bottles immediately. 

    While I waited for the package to arrive, I wanted to find out more about how Glow Fairy’s Instant Eye Repair Serum actually worked. 


    The problem with wrinkles and puffy eyes is a lack of moisture and collagen which triggers sagging skin. Of course, we can always use products that help trigger collagen production and hydration to prevent wrinkles, but those products can often take weeks, if not months. What happens when you want a solution immediately?


    For a short-term solution, Instant Eye Repair helps diminish the sight of puffy eyes and eye wrinkles almost IMMEDIATELY. Just like any makeup concealer, it lasts for the day, or until you decide to wash it off. Here’s how it works. 

    STEP 1: 

    First, you must make sure your face is washed, clean, clear, and dry. 

    STEP 2: 

    Use just a pea-sized amount of the serum and place it on the areas under your eyes and around the eyes you want it to work. 

    The active ingredient is sodium silicate, also known as “Liquid Glass”. Once it dries, it acts like a clay mask, stretching the skin taut. As it stretches, the magnesium aluminum absorbs excess oils to create the appearance of smooth, silky skin. 

    STEP 3 (the added BONUS):

    Unlike similar products, The Glow Fairy’s Instant Eye Repair Serum is also packed with ingredients to help reverse the signs of aging in the long run. Both Dipeptide-2 and Butylene Glycol add moisture and trigger collagen production in the skin. The more you use the Eye Repair Serum, the less you need it! 

    I received my package two days later and tried it immediately. I was so surprised at how quickly it works. I was able to WATCH my skin tighten and smooth out in the matter of minutes. 

    A few weeks later is when I noticed that not only did it help every day, but that my wrinkles and puffy eyes were being reduced when I wasn’t even wearing the serum. I started using less of it as the weeks went on. It was incredible! 

    Since then, I’ve used The Glow Fairy’s Instant Eye Repair Serum everyday and am so happy with the results. 

    I’ve been converted into an Instant Eye Repair Serum believer, and I hope you will be, too!

    I was amazed by how well the Glow Fairy's Eye Repair Serum helped reduce the appearance of my puffy eyes in MINUTES! Thank you! -Katie, 52

    I use Glow Fairy for my under eyes and crow's feet and it worked so well! Definitely recommend. -Tina, 48

    Love to see some of my puffy eyes disappear. Thank GOD! Eye Repair Serum is the cure. -Linda, 65

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      WAYY cheaper than plastic surgery.

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      Hi GlowFairy, I used your instant eye repair for the first time today and it was AMAZING!!!!!! worked instantly!

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      This stuff works!! Use it BEFORE you put on makeup.

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      Love this stuff. My sister put me onto it.

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      The Best!

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      Anyone else receive two by accident?

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