From Most Natural to Most Effective, These Are the Top Five Cellulite Creams Ranked.

    Cellulite is an age-old problem… literally! The older we get, the more cellulite can appear on your legs, stomach, and arms. While you can help prevent cellulite with exercise and a proper diet, once it appears, it can be very hard to get rid of. While there are dozens upon dozens of products that claim to work, we all know that most of them are snake oils. But that’s where we come in.

    We’ve researched dozens of products and brands to find the best possible products for helping diminish the appearance of cellulite. What we found were five products that we think you should seriously consider.

    Let’s get started!

    Effectiveness: 95%
    Safety: 100%
    Price: $
    Overall: A+

    This is by far our favorite choice when it comes to products specifically for removing cellulite. It’s not a cellulite cream, instead The Glow Fairy’s Retinol Body Glow Wand is a highly-condensed retinol balm that you easily apply to any area of concern on your body. The Body Glow Wand comes packed with retinol along with a handful of effective ingredients (including squalane, vitamin E, and lanolin) to help boost your skin’s moisture and collagen production to help break down textured areas of skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, and dark spots while giving your skin a smoother and softer feel. Not only that, it was the only product on our list to offer a special 50% off discount code SECRET50, which made it one of the most affordable. So cool! The balm is easy to apply with just a few swipes needed every night on the areas of skin that need your help. Highly recommended!

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    Effectiveness: 90%
    Safety: 95%
    Price: $$
    Overall: B+

    If you’re looking to splurge, ElySeoul is expensive but good. It’s filled with restorative retinol along with saccharide isomerate which is a magnet for moisture to help revitalize dry skin. While we found this product to be effective and safe, the price was quite a blow. For something you should be trying to use every other day, you’ll be spending a lot for a youthful look (especially when there are more affordable products with similar results out there). Like we said, if you’re looking to splurge, check this one out!


    Effectiveness: 85%
    Safety: 95%
    Price: $$
    Overall: B

    This is a great retinol lotion for extra dry and aging skin, Kinpur offers a strong mix of retinol and jojoba oil to help sagging skin regain its moisture and elasticity. What stopped us from putting this product on the top was its scent! Unlike Glow Fairy and other retinol lotions which either are scentless or have a small hint of scent, Medix gives off a STRONG perfume scent that resembles the smell of an old woman’s purse. LOL. It was too much for our sensitive noses, especially if you’re applying at night. But hey! Maybe a strong smell is for you!


    Effectiveness: 90%
    Safety: 90%
    Price: $$$
    Overall: B+

    Therapispa comes packed with retinol along with vitamin C and E for a great revitalizing solution to dry, aging skin, stretch marks, and dark spots. True this is a hand cream, but we find out beneficial for our entire body. The only issue we have is the price then. Because it is a smaller bottle - and you’re using this for your ENTIRE BODY. But when you’re thinking of trying to keep your entire body’s skin tight and ageless, this bottle won’t be doing you too many favors! Look for a product that can last you a long time!


    Effectiveness: 90%
    Safety: 80%
    Price: $$$
    Overall: B

    Skinmiso makes an excellent overnight solution of retinol lotion infused with vitamin A to help trap moisture and boost collagen. It’s a great product, but best for overnight because the lotion is rather thick and shouldn’t be used with other products. Its effectiveness isn’t as high as some of the other products because we didn’t see a lot of results with sagging skin, though it did make our skin feel especially healthy. The price point is a bit of an issue.

    While we feel we recommended some great products to help diminish your cellulite, we believe The Glow Fairy's product was the top choice. We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne who helped create the rankings list and how The Glow Fairy Retinol Body Glow Wand worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

    Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of anti-cellulte, anti-stretch mark anything. “Time cannot be reversed,” I used to tell my friends. Too many of them have been tricked into buying some wild cream just to find out it’s a waste of money. So I’ve avoided it at all costs.

    But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by The Glow Fairy Retinol Body Glow Wand. She would swipe it on every night on her thighs and stomach before she went to bed. After a few weeks her cellulite started to fade and her skin felt tighter and more vibrant. I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then she showed me the before and after photos. I was stunned. Week by week her cellulite and stretch marks became less noticeable all together! I begged her to let me borrow her Body Glow Wand. Instead she gave me a secret 50% OFF code, SECRET50, and I ordered my own Body Glow Wand immediately.

    I received a package in the next few days and applied that night. The application is super simple, just open the Body Glow Wand and swipe it on! LOL, but actually, for best effectiveness, post-shower, after your body is clean and dry. Do your nightly routine and leave the Body Glow Wand for last. Warm up the balm a little by rubbing onto your finger for an easier swipe. Then, apply the balm around the areas of your body where you see cellulite or where cellulite commonly appears (thighs, stomach, butt, etc). You can also apply to other areas of your body that seem to sag or skin looks rough, flakey, or scaly. The Retinol Body Glow Wand can help diminish wrinkles, stretch marks, and dark spots as well! Just a few swipes and voila!

    I, of course, expected results immediately. But it will take a few weeks to see the real results (so I made sure to snap a few before photos). While I waited, I ended up doing a little research on the ingredients that go into the Body Glow Wand and found that the retinol wasn’t the only thing helping my cellulite disappear…

    Of course, there’s retinol, which helps neutralize free radicals in the skin and encourage the production of collagen. The rich source of vitamin A is so effective in helping boost collagen that it’s almost the only ingredient needed. But Glow Fairy did an amazing thing of adding the extra punches with some of these other ingredients…

    This ingredient is wild! It’s a highly-effective natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can help reduce wrinkles and reverse the effects of UV damage and while fighting free radicals. It’s really great at reversing skin damage, and making old, tough skin feel renewed.

    Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in any skin product, and if you’re using products that don’t have it, rethink your decisions! Vitamin E basically creates a forcefield around your skin to prevent moisture loss. While doing that, it also helps fight skin damage and signs of aging.

    A super moisturizer that helps repair cracked and damaged skin. While retinol and squalane are doing the heavy lifting, lanolin steps in and cleans up those small issues for even more beautiful looking skin.

    So, finally, after 4 weeks, I decided to check if I could see results… and wow! The stretch marks around my hips and butt were reduced by half! And my skin as a whole felt tighter and smoother than it had in a LONG time. I was convinced.

    I was officially converted into a Body Glow Wand believer! I hope you will, too! 

    Amazing! The Glow Retinol Body Wand helped get rid of my cellulite. So happy with the results. -Kelly, 52

    I’m always so worried about my legs looking aged, so I started using Glow Fairy’s Retinol Body Wand and it’s the best. Everything from my thighs to my hands! -Macy, 33

    This is the best retinol product I’ve found so far. Really works! I use it on my everything from my backside to my chest every night and am really happy with the results. -Cate, 40

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      Heather Johnson

      My absolute FAV!!

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      Stephanie Miller

      WAYY cheaper than plastic surgery.

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      Marcy Goodman

      Hi GlowFairy, I have been using the wand for three weeks and am starting to notice a difference around my neck and hips!

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      June Henderson

      Hey! Just a reminder to my fellow sensitive skin-users, retinol is STRONG! So if you have sensitive skin, try using this every other day at first and wear that SPF!

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      Rachel Watson

      Love this stuff. My sister put me onto it.

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      Toni Gabriel

      The Best!

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      Gabbi Mitchell

      Anyone else receive two by accident?

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